Now that you’re on the path to wellness and feeling fantastic, are you happy with the same ‘look’ you’ve been carrying? Do your clothes fit and feel the same? Are you ready for a complete change and total overhaul? If you are ready for real change and need assistance, we’re here to help you create the style and feel you want.

Feeling great is not only an inside job. Sure it starts on the inside, but let’s face it, how we look on the outside matters too. For our own self esteem and well-being it helps to feel good when we look in the mirror and we all know you only get one shot at making a good first impression.

Sometimes you want to go through your closet but need an outsider to help you decide if that blue polka dot dress really is “you” or if those slacks with the fringe on the hem will land you that big deal at the office. As a certified makeup artist and life long clothes hound, Kellie can be your mentor and style consultant.

There many opportunities to make small changes to make a big difference in how you look and feel, here are a few:

Makeover! Highlight your best assets.

  • 1 hour makeover to do your makeup and show off your best features and natural beauty.
  • Tips, clues and hints.

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now:

  • Half hour consultation and assessment.
  • 2 hour clothing overhaul
  • We’ll go through your closet and help you pick and choose the things that should stay or go depending on your goals and what looks good and works right for the ‘look‘ you want.



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