Nature’s Daily Heart On!

white_heartNature’s Daily Heart On! To get exercise, turn my heart on, calm my nerves and soothe my soul, I like to go for long peaceful walks in nature and in my neighborhood. I’m fortunate to live on an island that is surrounded by natural spaces and green places. About 3 years ago I moved to a new location and my daily path now includes the shoreline. My favorite route takes about an hour and it is my happy place, to me it so invigorating to walk along the rocks and sand, especially at low tide. If I haven’t gone on a walk in a of couple days I can feel a difference in my attitude and self esteem. If I’m feeling particularly sad, or have deep thoughts and life questions, a walk along the water usually helps me find an answer or relief. Some days I’ll even go for several walks. 

On my walk I practice being mindful and acutely aware of my surroundings. The sounds, smells and sights I see are always new to me and are still a thrill. This part of being mindful in my day helps keep me centered and focused. We are natural beings and when I feel attuned to nature, the tides, and the universe I ultimately feel a part of something larger than myself and to me that is awesome and empowering. When you’re in a mindful state you pick up the small subtleties of your feelings, your body’s needs, your environment, and the people, places and things you encounter along your way. 

IMG_3642 (1)One of the things I seem to notice a lot in nature are heart shapes. It’s true the heart is a shape nature likes to take, maybe that’s why it’s so pleasing to our senses when we see it. Almost every day I spy a little heart shaped piece of nature and it gives me a rush and sense of awe and magic. It helps me know that love is everywhere and helps me feel loved; it’s like a virtual hug from the heavens. It may be a rock, a cloud, a shell, a flower, a shadow, no matter the material, I seem to see heart shapes everywhere. So I’ve started taking photos of them, not every one, but many and I call it Nature’s Daily Heart On! My son is well aware of my heart findings, once he said “Mom hearts always seem to find you.” I love it and hope it’s true, I’m not finding them, they’re finding me. I try to show up and move through life with my heart on and nature keeps reminding me. For that I am grateful and bow deeply to the laws of love and the universe. 

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