Holistic health, or whole body health includes being mindful. Mindfulness is the art of being open and attentive to the present, the here and now. When you’re in a state of mindfulness, you’re able to observe and be more aware and attune to your surroundings. You’re better able to be a watchful observer of your thoughts and feelings without self-judgment either negatively or positively. When you’re mindful you’re living life to the fullest because you’re living in the moment, you feel alive and awakened to experiences. When you’re mindful you’re grateful for each day as a gift. Everything may not always go your way or exactly as planned but you’re better able to ‘go with the flow’ and take life as it comes.

Many people equate mindfulness with Buddhism and that is where it stems, though one doesn’t have to be Buddhist to practice and live life mindfully. Meditation is a great way to feel one with the universe and become more mindful, but that is just one approach. There are many ways to meditate though sitting in quiet mediation is very beneficial and encouraged. For some gardening, cooking, writing, painting, drawing, singing, playing music and dancing are forms of meditation and these allow one to be more mindful as they focus on the present and what they’re doing in that moment.

Ayurveda teaches that the body, mind and spirit are connected and there is no way to separate our body from our mind from our spirit. If you’re interested in developing a healthier lifestyle and making better food choices, incorporating mind/spirit work will help you on your journey. Additionally journaling may help you achieve your wellness goals. Studies show that people (dieters in particular) who keep a journal are 50% more likely to succeed in their weight loss goals than those who don’t. It might also work for other lifestyle goals as well and worth a try.

Many means of mindfulness:

Meditation as a daily practice

  • Learn simple ways to meditate and feel oneness.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.

Nature is Mindfulness Medication

  • The smell of dirt actually produces feel good hormones in our brains so communing in nature is highly recommended
    and a great way to increase mindfulness is to observe nature.
  • Take walks in the woods or on the beach to pick up on nature’s cues and signals.
  • Let nature bring you closer to you.


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