Learning about nutrition, metabolism and digestion, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the most effective ways to ensure vital health and longevity. Using principles from the world’s oldest science Ayurveda, we help you learn about your body in a fun, easy to digest manner that will enable you to make better food and lifestyle choices for life. The nature of Ayurveda is that everyone is different and though we are a combination of the three body types, usually one predominates. When our type is out of balance it can create too much or too little weight, illness, disease, depression and any number of other disorders or imbalances. Because each of us is different and each of our bodies has it’s own barometer for staying balanced, each session is individualized. There is no cut and paste recipe for success, diet or menu plan. We work together to create a system that works best for you......READ MORE


Nowadays it seems like the art of cooking is becoming a thing of the past. There are so many choices with fast food and prepackaged meals. If your idea of cooking is heating water for boxed macaroni & cheese or your cooking skills need dusting, let us help you learn or relearn the fine art of cooking healthy meals. We offer a variety of cooking classes from youth to seniors, specialty diets, Heat & Eat meals, Ayurvedic cooking, etc.... READ MORE


Are you ready for a makeover? Are you happy with the same ‘look’ you’ve always had? If you are ready for real change and need assistance, we can help you create the style that suits you best and shows off your best features. Feeling great is not only an inside job. Feeling great starts on the inside, but how we look on the outside makes a difference. In just a couple of hours we can transform your look by “shopping” in your closet! Our certified natural makeup artist and style consultant will help you look your best with what you’ve got. Whether you want a complete makeover or just want to make the best first impression for an event, job interview, or hot date…. We can help you go in style!..... READ MORE


Mindfulness is the art of being open and attentive to the present, the here and now. When you’re in a state of mindfulness, you’re able to observe and be more aware and attune to your surroundings. When you’re mindful you’re living life to the fullest because you’re living in the moment, you feel alive and awakened to experiences. Many people equate mindfulness with Buddhism and that is where it stems, though one doesn’t have to be Buddhist to practice and live life mindfully......READ MORE

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